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If there’s one thing that’s worse than not having a social media presence it’s having a social media presence and not using it. Whether you are starting a business and social media management doesn’t interest you or you’re an established business that’s just too busy to manage your feeds, we’ve got you. While you serve your customers and do what you do best, we’re able to do what we do best; engage on social media. If you’d like our help managing your social media presence, we can take things off your plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Platforms Can You Help With?
Our work is primarily on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram however as new platforms are born and grow, we continue to monitor and support our clients on these platforms.
What Does Social Media Management Include?
The short answer is, that depends. We’re able to provide everything from full scale management to assisting with planning and engagement. We do what you can’t do or don’t want to do, so whether that’s writing content or producing photo and video content, we can support you.
How Much Does a This All Cost?
There’s a lot that goes into this. We need to determine how many platforms we’ll be managing, what sort of content we need to produce and curate and the scale to which we need to monitor engagement. We’ll help build a package that works for us and for you.

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