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You've Got a Lot To Do. Let Us Do The Rest
We have organized conferences. We get it. There’s a lot to do. Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not let our team take care of the details and you can focus on doing the things that you need to do to make your event a success.
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Events can be stressful.

We can help take a load off.

Event management is a lot of work. We understand. We’ve done this. We also know that a strong social media presence can help make or break your conference or event. We offer a variety of services designed to help make sure your event is well-promoted, well-attended and well-organized. This will help you enjoy the day you’re building.

Our services include promotion from 6-12 months out, 1-3 months out and day of management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Different Packages You Offer?
Sometimes you don’t know what you needed until you needed it…and didn’t have it. We offer a variety of packages that give you help where you need the help. Our 6-12 months out package is focused on building momentum and interest with respect to your event, our 3-6 months package is focused on driving ticket sales, attendance, and excitement leading up to the event, and our day of packages are focused on taking the likes, the retweets and the engagement off your plate.
Can't We Do Most of This?
Yes. Absolutely. The question is always, “will you?” From accommodations to food services to tickets sales to speakers and everything in between, you’ve got so much to do that social media often gets left to the side. And if you want a successful event, you can’t let that happen. So yes, you can do it, but “will you?”
How Much Does This Cost?
Every package is uniquely tailored to your event and your needs. Every package is based on your goals and your exact event. We will work out exactly what you need and develop a plan that works for you and for us.

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